In Gedeon Richter, we focus on development

We think about the future of pharmacy, new therapies, modern medicine and the future of our employees, allowing them to constantly upgrade their qualifications. We are also actively searching for young talents which will over time join our staff and provide a breath of enthusiasm, zeal and inspiration. We are one team in which individual careers build the professionalism of the whole group.

As Gedeon Richter, we also get involved in numerous social initiatives, in academic circles, which may be exemplified by our unique programmes: “The Recepta (Prescription) Project” or “The Gedeon Richter Academy”, which have become an integral part of our annual activities. We are constantly modernising our laboratories, production technologies and technical facilities to be able to deliver the best possible final product to our consumers.

The Recepta (Prescription) project

The “PRESCRIPTION for success in pharmacy” was created for the purposes of supporting medical students at pharmacy faculties in Poland.

The idea behind the project is to provide future pharmacists with concrete tools to support their career path in the pharmaceutical industry and show the broad career possibilities in the business following graduation. The project offers specialist knowledge that exceeds the curriculum at the faculty of pharmacy. It offers students the possibility for developing their soft skills and provides them with practical tools that assist them in conscious management of their careers. The aim of the programme is to make future graduates aware of the importance of being driven by one’s inborn abilities and personality traits while choosing one’s professional path. The programme engages reputable trainers and specialists who deliver speeches and workshops aimed at helping the participants develop selected competencies. The previous edition of the programme entitled “The Prescription for Success in Pharmacy” attracted more than 460 students. The main element of the programme included competence workshop conducted by the psychologist, the coach, and the musician. The second edition of the programme was focused on effective job search. The aim of the workshop conducted by the Recruitment Specialist, was to provide the participants with the tools for better preparing themselves for their interview. 3rd edition of the project aimed at helping pharmacy students to discover their professional potential. Each student has potential and it is important to discover it as early as possible and choose the appropriate career path correctly. This year, eminent experts help all participants of the workshops to reveal and understand their potential, and indicate the best way to use it in their professional life. Workshop conducted by the personal trainer and the motivational speaker. In January 2017 the debate ‘Pharmacist 2025, the students perspective’ were held. Ten students from every Faculty of Pharmacy in Poland were invited to take part in it. The debate about the future of pharmacy in Poland was moderated by one of the most famous medical journalist – Iwona Schymalla.

The Leader in Pharmaceutical Sciences

“Tomorrow is born today” – the Leader in Pharmaceutical Sciences is our next initiative which engages scientific circles of pharmacy faculties.

Gedeon Richter, along with the Polish Pharmaceutical Society and the “Pharmaceutical Journal” (“Gazeta Farmaceutyczna”), in cooperation with pharmaceutical faculties of the Polish medical universities, awards the best doctoral dissertations written by masters in pharmacy. The aim of the contest is to find ambitious, innovative projects which can soon be used in the production of modern drugs. The winners of the contest, besides financial awards, will also be able to do an internship in Gedeon Richter’s state-of-the-art laboratories. Every year’s edition of the contest for the Leader in Pharmaceutical Sciences is settled during the Days of Polish Pharmacy Conference in May. Please find the details of the contest at the following website: .

The Richter’s Academy

Taking care of the health of our patients and the comfortable work for pharmacists, we also undertake educational initiatives aimed at improving their competencies in various therapeutic areas. Therefore, in 2016 we decided to launch an educational programme known as The Richter’s Academy (Akademia Richtera), the main objective of which is to support the professional development of pharmacists by organising a series of free scientific and training symposia all over Poland. Under the programme we also issue a guidebook, which in a simple manner helps to answer the numerous questions that pharmacy employees and physicians receive from their patients on a daily basis (on a broad variety of topics, ranging from the dressing of wounds to frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract).

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