Terms of service


 These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as: “Terms of Service”) stipulate legally binding conditions of use of our services and of access to information published on the website: www.gedeonrichter.pl (hereinafter referred to as: “Website”). By entering the Website, you accept the Terms of Service in question, which shall be binding from your first visit here. If you do not agree to the aforementioned Terms of Service, please do not use the Website.

The Website is kept and maintained by Gedeon Richter Sp. z o.o. [Limited Liability Company], with its seat in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, ul. Ks. J. Poniatowskiego 5, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, NIP [Tax Id. No.]: 529-16-56-994 hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, or the pronoun “we”, “us”, etc.

We hereby reserve the right to make corrections and amendments to these Terms of Service in whole or in part, at any time, by revising this document. The last modification date of the Terms of Service may be found in the “Last modification” field, at the top of this document. We recommend printing these Terms of Service, so it is possible to check its contents in the future. The Website’s Users do not need to be informed beforehand about any changes that would be introduced into the Terms of Service.

In case of any discrepancies between the Terms of Service and other provisions that appear on the Website, the Terms of Service shall prevail.


Contents and all materials published on the Website in any form shall be the intellectual property of the Company or of the Company’s licensors, and you are hereby granted a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the contents published on the Website. These works shall be protected by national laws and international agreements on copyrights around the world. All rights reserved. Our status as authors of the contents published on the Website (and of all other identified persons publishing their contents) should always be observed. You should save and record all mentions related to copyrights and other intellectual rights on websites that are saved and printed from the Website. You cannot use our Company’s name or trademarks without our prior written consent. Any use of the Company’s name or trademarks without our consent shall be regarded as violation of law.

You cannot distribute, modify or use the contents and materials contained on the Website (except the materials intended for such actions, published in the “DOWNLOADS” tab, which you may use only in whole, and you must provide reference to their source) in part or in whole, including all contents, images, audio or video materials, for public or commercial purposes, without the Company’s prior written consent. Unless legal provisions stipulate otherwise, you understand and agree that all contents published on the Website shall be subjected to copyrights, and they cannot be utilized without the Company’s or other authors’ consent in any manner that fails to comply with terms described in this document or provisions defined on a given website.

Neither the Company nor any other entity shall transfer any property rights or entitlements to you arising from trademarks, patents, ownership or other intellectual property rights determined in such a manner.


The Website and its services shall be intended for Polish residents. We do not guarantee that the contents available on or through our Website are suitable for use or available in other places, which the Company shall not be held liable for. You visit and use our Website at your own risk. Contents are published on the Website only for general informational purposes, and they shall not be regarded as medical advice or diagnosis that you could rely upon. Such information cannot be construed as advice or recommendations, and it shall not be regarded as a basis for making decisions or undertaking actions, including all information of a medical nature published on the Website, which cannot replace a detailed medical consultation tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Neither this Website nor its contents are intended to replace advice or a diagnosis provided by a health care professional; it is always recommended to ask for help from a competent health care professional in all matters related to your health condition.

The Website may contain discrepancies and typographical errors. We hereby reserve the right to change, correct and/or improve the present contents as well as programmes and products described on the Website, without prior notice. We make reasonable efforts to update the information published on the Website, but we cannot guarantee – expressly or implicitly – that the contents on our Website are correct, complete and valid. Please remember that all contents published on the Website are of a demonstrative nature only, and they cannot be used for educational purposes.

If you are a business user or a health care employee, we hereby exclude all implied conditions, guarantees, representations and other statements that may be related to this Website or the contents included therein. If you are a consumer, our Website shall be intended solely for home and private use, and you agree not to utilize our Website for commercial or business purposes.

We neither exclude nor limit our liability towards you in all situations that it would be incompliant with applicable law. To the extent permitted by applicable regulations, both the Company and individuals that take part in the development and maintenance of the Website shall not be liable for any problems, damages, loss of data or errors in contents contained thereon, and which may result – directly, indirectly, or incidentally – from connecting to the Website, reviewing or downloading contents during your visit on the Website.

We may suspend, withdraw or limit access to the entire or a part of the Website for business or operational reasons without the need for justification or prior notice.


If the Website contains links leading to other websites and resources provided by third entities, your access to those links is provided solely for informational purposes. Presence of such links cannot be interpreted as our acceptance of contents contained in the linked websites or information that you may obtain there. We have no control over the contents included in those websites or their resources. At the same time, the Company shall bear no liability for the availability of those services or for any damages that would result from using the contents contained thereon. You shall use those services at your own risk.

The Website may contain information and materials uploaded by its other users, including contents published on information boards, in chat rooms and on forums. We do not verify or accept such information and materials. Views expressed by other users of our Website shall not represent our own views or values.


While using our Website you agree to observe all applicable provisions, principles and regulations. The Website’s users are expected to respect the law along with the rights and dignity of other individuals.

You cannot use our Website and the services offered thereon:

  • In a manner that violates the applicable provisions and regulations in any respect;
  • To damage or attempt to damage, or otherwise violate the rights and dignity of other individuals;
  • To pass oneself off as another person or entity, including among others the Company’s representative;
  • To permit or render it possible to send any unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, other promotional materials of various forms of solicitation;
  • To mirror any part of the Website or to publish it in a frame;
  • To create a database by downloading and storing the Website’s contents;
  • To deliberately send or publish data and materials that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware and other malicious software or a similar computer code, intended to disturb the operation of computer software and hardware;
  • To gain unauthorized access to our Website, server where it is stored, or any server, computer or a database related to our Website. We shall report any such breach to competent bodies that monitor compliance with the law, and we shall cooperate with them, including disclosing your identity.

The Website’s users shall bear full liability for the contents transferred through the Website, including to the extent in which they can violate the rights of third parties. If we become aware of any actions, information or materials published, sent or otherwise transferred through or in relation to our Website, and which may violate these Terms of Service, we have the right – but not the duty – to remove or cease access to the items or materials in question, or to end your use of our Website immediately, without prior notice.

If you believe that any materials published by the Company violate these Terms of Service are incompliant with law or in any manner in controversy with the Terms of Service when it comes to the contents, please inform the moderator thereof, by sending a message to the following e-mail address: admin@grodzisk.rgnet.org. Please point out the reported contents and their location in the message. If, at our discretion, we conclude that your report is justified, we shall remove the contents in question and inform you thereof if there is such a need.


We do not guarantee that our Website is safe or free from errors, malicious software or viruses. It shall be your responsibility to configure your software and IT equipment in such a manner to have access to our Website and use it correctly. You are recommended to use a firewall and applications protecting from malicious software.

To the extent permitted by regulations, we shall not be liable for any damages to your computer or other property that arose in relation to your entering the Website or accessing, using and reviewing the contents contained thereon, including adverse events that may occur while downloading materials, data, text, images, and video or audio materials.

Furthermore, to the extent permitted by regulations, we shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses or costs that may result from the Website’s improper operation or failure, or out of similar reasons; we shall also not be liable for the reliability or validity of information published on or available through the Website.


Our notice on privacy determines the conditions that we rely upon while processing personal details that we compile or that you send to us. When entering the Website, you must agree to the conditions stipulated in the notice concerning privacy. The conditions stipulated in the notice concerning privacy shall pose an integral part of these Terms of Service.  PRIVACY POLICY

Identity authorization is not necessary in most of the services available on the Website, so you are provided with contents without the need to reveal your identity. However, to gain access to some parts of the Website you must confirm your identity as a person entitled to access those sections. If you decide not to provide us with the required personal details, you understand that you might not be provided with access to some sections of the Website.

The Website’s channels with limited access are:

  • Contents for professionals on the Website with the Company’s products, i.e. for persons entitled to issue prescriptions or persons that market medicinal products;


You may publish links to our homepage if you do it reliably and in accordance with the law, and if it does not damage or exploit our reputation. You cannot publish a link in a manner that would suggest any connections to us, our approval or recommendation, if they were not provided. You cannot publish a link to this Website on any website that is not yours. You cannot publish our Website in a frame on any other website; you cannot create links for other sections of our Website except the homepage. We reserve the right to withdraw our consent to have the link published without prior notice.

You must obtain the Company’s prior written consent to publish a link to our Website or use the content included therein in a manner different than that mentioned above. In such cases, you need to contact the Website’s administrator, by sending a message to admin@grodzisk.rgnet.org.


Access to specialist medical information available on the website, due to Pharmaceutical   Law Act of 6 th September 2001 (Journal of Laws 2016, item 2142) is possible only for professionals, i.e.: persons entitled to issue prescriptions and individuals that market medicinal productions, having confirmed their identity by checking the following representation: “I declare that I am a medical practitioner, a pharmacist or a supplier of medicinal products”.


Failure to observe the Terms of Service shall be a material breach of the conditions that you are obliged to follow while using the Website, and it may lead to our undertaking one of the following actions:

  • Immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use this Website;
  • Immediate, temporary or permanent removal of materials that you published on our Website;
  • Serving you with a warning:
  • Take legal steps against you, so you reimburse us for all costs in the form of compensation (including reasonable administration and legal costs), which will arise from such a violation;
  • Take other legal steps against you;
  • Disclose such information to bodies that monitor compliance with the law, to the extent that we believe is necessary.


These Terms of Service, their contents and wording (along with any non-contractual disputes and claims) shall be governed by Polish law. You agree to exclusive jurisdiction of Polish courts.


In case of any questions about the Website or the Terms of Service, please contact the Website’s administrator by sending a message to: admin@grodzisk.rgnet.org.