Grofibrat S

  • Active substance


  • Dosage

    215 mg

  • Therapeutic area
  • Pharmaceutical form

    Coated tablets

  • Product category


  • Refund


Brochure Grofibrat S

  • Driving a car


  • Taking on an empty stomach


  • Breast feeding


  • Drug storage

    NIe przechowywać w temperaturze powyżej 25 °C

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According to the World Health Organisation, heart and circulatory diseases are the most common causes of deaths in developed countries, while arterial hypertension – which is an extremely dangerous and chronic disease – is the most common condition affecting the circulatory system.

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We are all looking forward to new, excellent medicines and even more effective therapies. Sometimes, it takes a long time before the drug will be released to the market. It usually starts with the idea of ​​a new product, a long period of research, testing, and the production and distribution of the new medicine.

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