Manufacturing standards

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in the Gedeon Richter plants complies with the strictest global standards.

We rigorously adhere to the national rules and regulations as well, working in cooperation with local regulators. We manufacture our products based on the principles of GMP. The clinical research is conducted on the basis of GMP principles. Moreover, in our work we adhere to the rules specified for the producers of medicinal products, published by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and we conform to all the national requirements. Moreover, our work is based on the Lean Manufacturing principles, which make it possible for us to optimise all production processes and enhance their efficiency. We believe that the attention to and care about every single detail in the production of drugs guarantees the satisfaction and safety of our patients.


Gedeon Richter takes special care of the quality and safety of its products, adhering to all the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as demonstrated by the certifications we have.

Gedeon Richter has implemented the Pharmaceutical Quality System and runs its own Quality Policy, with the competent and well-trained personnel ensuring high quality standards during the production and testing of medicinal products. The company goes to extraordinary lengths to maintain production hygiene by applying control procedures for health and hygiene, using protective clothing to provide the best possible protection for the drugs being produced. Each patient who buys the Gedeon Richter products can be sure that they comply with all quality requirements and have been manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the pharmaceutical law.

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