Neurology, which deals with the pathologies of one of the most complex and incredible systems in the human body, i.e. the nervous system, has been the object of Gedeon Richter’s interest for many years.

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In the case of neurological diseases, the most important thing is to discover the process which leads to the dysfunction, damage or degeneration of the nervous system.

These disturbances manifest themselves through a series of complaints, including not only headaches, but also backache, vascular lesions, as well as impaired memory and concentration, depressions, neurosis, mental disturbances, neuralgic pain and epilepsy.


By developing therapies that help inhibit the degenerative processes of the central and peripheral nervous systems, Gedeon Richer draws on the latest discoveries in science, both in the field of genetics and the cutting-edge technologies offering methods for the imaging examination of the brain and the nervous system. Our portfolio includes, amongst others, drugs for the treatment of senile dementia, as well as medicines whose common property is to stimulate the metabolism of the central nervous system, which is supposed to activate such mental processes as the level of consciousness and memory phenomena.



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