Musculoskeletal system

The skeletal system of an adult consists of 206 bones, their interconnections and muscles that move the body. Humans have approximately 450–500 muscles, which constitute 40 percent of the body mass in men and around 35 percent in women. Children have more bones than adults. This is due to the fact that some bones fuse when we grow up.

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The skeletal system, being the scaffolding for muscles, also performs a protective function in our body, shielding the vital internal organs such as the brain, the spinal cord and the heart.

The muscular system constitutes as much as 40% of the human body weight, and human bones weigh approx. 10 kg in women and approx. 12 kg in men. Bones, muscles and joints form the locomotor system. This sophisticated and complex system is subject to multiple factors that cause its deformation and illnesses.


Gedeon Richter has been conducting research on this precisely functioning mechanism for many years, preparing in its laboratories the formulations of drugs which help to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatic diseases as well as conditions and injuries affecting the locomotor organ: the skeleton – except for the skull bones, the articular-ligamentous system and injuries of the muscles, nerves and blood vessels.


Through its medicines, Gedeon Richter is trying to help patients suffering from primary or secondary gout due to an increase in the uric acid/urate concentration in blood and urine (arthritis, renal colic).


Our research is also focused on postmenopausal osteoporosis and its treatment to reduce the risk of vertebral and hip fractures.


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How are drugs manufactured

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