Gynaecology and endocrinology

Women are particularly important patients for us. We are perfectly aware of their needs. For many decades, we have been performing very in-depth analyses of their health and illnesses that may affect women of different ages.

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Our long-term experience in the development of female drug formulations, the knowledge of the processes occurring in women’s bodies and the examination of their health condition are what places us amongst the top companies in this field.

Gedeon Richter is the first pharmaceutical company to have introduced contraceptives into the Hungarian market. This happened in 1966. Our objective is to take care of women at all stages of their life, particularly in the field of gynaecology: starting from contraception, as well as in the preparation for pregnancy, its duration and the puerperium period, as well as during the breast-feeding stage.


We pay special attention also to women’s health, not only in the context of boosting their reproductive and maternity processes, but also in terms of their daily and quite common complaints. From amongst the pharmaceutical companies that offer gynaecological products for women, Gedeon Richter is the company which can boast one of the widest assortments in this range and which is still expanding its offer. Moreover, in an effort to meet the needs of women, our portfolio includes a considerable array of drugs that support women in various types of therapies.


The scope of our drugs includes hormonal contraceptives, sex hormones, gynaecological anti-infectious and antiseptic agents, as well as contraceptives used in emergency situations, e.g. when one of the contraceptive methods fails, when a condom breaks or a dose of oral contraceptive is skipped.


Endocrinology, which deals with the functional disorders of internal secretion (endocrine) glands and diseases of the endocrine system (disturbed hormone secretion), e.g. in the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and ovaries, is also within the interest of Gedeon Richter and part of our scientific activity is dedicated to this field.


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