The human digestive system is an extremely complex mechanism. Few people know that, for example, human saliva is a perfect stain remover used by art restorers to clean paintings. It is worth to know that digestive enzymes are also added to washing powders.

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It might seem that the digestive system is only the tract leading from the mouth to the anus.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The number of processes occurring in the oral cavity, the oesophagus (gullet), the stomach, the intestines as well as in the digestive glands (i.e. the liver and pancreas) and the bile ducts is so high and they are so complicated that it is difficult to count the potential illnesses that are related with this particularly important human system.


Gedeon Richter provides solutions to these problems, which due to the fast pace of life, stress and processed food are becoming increasingly widespread in highly-developed countries. Moreover, our laboratories develop drugs that help to combat the effects of digestive tract problems. Our portfolio includes drugs used in the illnesses related to excessive gastric acidity, anti-diarrhoeal drugs and antimicrobial medicines used in digestive tract disorders, as well as preparations to supplement the deficit of minerals.


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