According to the World Health Organisation, heart and circulatory diseases are the most common causes of deaths in developed countries, while arterial hypertension – which is an extremely dangerous and chronic disease – is the most common condition affecting the circulatory system.

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Environmental pollution, stress, smoking cigarettes, unhealthy diet may lead to negative health consequences and a series of metabolic diseases.

The effects of these factors on the circulatory system and the function of the cardiac muscle may be very unfavourable. The average human heart beats 60‑70 times per minute. At that rate, it makes approximately 86,400 – 100,800 beats per day. Over the course of an average human life, the heart contracts around 2.5 – 3 billion times. It starts to work intensively as early as in the fifth week following fertilisation of the ovum and does not rest until our death.


Gedeon Richter places particular emphasis on the development of medicines that are used in a number of cardiological diseases. These diseases can affect the length and quality of patients’ life.


Our therapeutic activities have encompassed, amongst others, such diseases as arterial hypertension, dyslipidaemias, ischaemic heart disease (coronary heart disease), atherosclerosis and cardiac (heart) failure.

The range of our medicinal products included agents for the protection of vascular walls, β-adrenolytic drugs, drugs reducing blood lipid concentration, selective calcium channel blockers with effects mainly on blood vessels, as well as those acting on the renin‑angiotensin-aldosteron system that controls the volume of blood circulating in the body as well as the concentration of sodium and potassium ions in body fluids. This is supplemented by drugs used in anaemia.



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