Between passion and profession

For many of us, work is also our passion. It is a great privilege to be able to develop medicines for people who need them and whom they can help. It is also a huge responsibility and pressure to strive for perfection. Even though we all share a common workplace, each of us has his/her own passions: we run marathons, write fairy tales for children, travel to distant corners of the world, go climbing in the mountains or participate in cooking contests. Gedeon Richter in Poland is a combination of excellent and valuable tradition with state-of-the-art solutions and possibilities for innovation. In our company, experts with long-term seniority work hand in hand with the representatives of younger generations, creating a very interesting mixture of experience, energy, innovation and modernity. Our strength is exactly in our diversity. The assumption here was that some of the employees will give a statement. Perhaps it is worth giving a statement plus a few sentences (in the “More” section) about the attitude towards work.

Katarzyna Rzewuska, Drug Registration Specialist

Work at Gedeon Richter

Why is it worth working at Gedeon Richter?

Gedeon Richter is part of an international group that employs 12 thousand people worldwide. As a responsible and reliable employer, the company provides its employees with stable employment conditions, the possibility to upgrade their qualifications and interesting professional challenges appropriate for the 21st century.

The recruitment process

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1. Application

Send us your CV. To do this, you can visit our website or the recruitment websites where you found our job offer

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2. Verification

While analysing the curricula vitae, we always pay attention not only to the level of education, the course of the professional career to date and the knowledge of foreign languages, but also to the candidates’ passions and other achievements. We always go to great lengths to check whether our vision and expectations are convergent.

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3. Recruitment interview

Such a meeting offers the possibility for both parties to get to know each other better. In a friendly and partner-like atmosphere, we try to get to know the level of our candidates’ subject-related knowledge, their interpersonal skills and the key competencies for a given position. During the interview, a candidate can be requested to complete a test or perform a test related to the position for which s/he is applying. For selected posts, we also conduct the verification process of testimonials, which we always agree with a given candidate.

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4. Decision

The candidate selected during the recruitment process will be offered the job. All the other participants receive a feedback from us.

Join us

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