Employment opportunities

Our Company’s success rests on engagement and professional skills of our employees. As the employer we have been taking care of offering to our Team attractive work and development possibilities. We are searching for professionals, highly-educated specialists using foreign languages fluently, flexible and open to changes as well as cooperation-oriented. In case of managerial positions leadership is what matters the most since we believe that this inspirational management way enables effectiveness. It also influences organizational culture, which is extremely important to us. We are offering dynamic work environment, empowering competences, interesting challenges and attractive salaries in return. If you are interested in working in a rapidly-developing Company, announce your candidacy and apply for work.

  • Packing Centre Specialist

    Gedeon Richter Polska Grodzisk Mazowiecki
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  • Process Technician

    Gedeon Richter Polska Grodzisk Mazowiecki
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Send your job applications with CVs

You can send us your CV and motivational letter a tany time even if there are no current job offers. Let us know and appreciate you – we might invite you to our Team.

Przy aplikacji do Gedeon Richter Polska Sp. z o.o. prosimy o załączenie następującego oświadczenia: „Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie przez Gedeon Richter Polska Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Grodzisku Mazowieckim przy ul. Ks. J. Poniatowskiego 5, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, moich danych osobowych w celu wzięcia udziału w procesie rekrutacji”.

Apply (online)

Recruitment process

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1. Application

Send us your CV. To do this, you can visit our website or the recruitment websites where you found our job offer.

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2. Verification

While analysing the curricula vitae, we always pay attention not only to the level of education, the course of the professional career to date and the knowledge of foreign languages, but also to the candidates’ passions and other achievements. We always go to great lengths to check whether our vision and expectations are convergent.

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3. Recruitment interview

Such a meeting offers the possibility for both parties to get to know each other better. In a friendly and partner-like atmosphere, we try to get to know the level of our candidates’ subject-related knowledge, their interpersonal skills and the key competencies for a given position. During the interview, a candidate can be requested to complete a test or perform a test related to the position for which s/he is applying. For selected posts, we also conduct the verification process of testimonials, which we always agree with a given candidate.

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4. Decision

The candidate selected during the recruitment process will be offered the job. All the other participants receive a feedback from us.

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