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We find solutions to the constantly changing conditions and patients’ needs worldwide. We provide patients with medicines that help them enjoy a better quality of life.

Gedeon Richter in Poland

Gedeon Richter in the Polish market is a brand that belongs to an international pharmaceutical group.

Until August 2018, the Polish enterprise was represented by two companies, namely Gedeon Richter Polska and Gedeon Richter Marketing Polska. On 1 September 2018, the two companies merged combining the production division, research and production centre as well as the sales and marketing department, which now operate under Gedeon Richter Polska. Our production takes place in a modern factory built in 1998 in the industrial area of Grodzisk Mazowiecki, near Warsaw. This factory provides great opportunities for further development, at the same time fulfilling all the GMP standards and requirements.

We have been producing medicine for over 130 years

The beginning – the first pharmacy

Our first pharmacy was opened in Budapest, with a small laboratory at the back, yet great hopes for effective medicines. The laboratory was mainly involved in the production of organo-therapeutic medicines – made from animal organs.

Our production plant

In 1907 the dynamically developing company moved its production to the newly erected factory in Kőbánya district of Budapest. The first drugs produced in the new plant included disinfectants, fever relievers, with the most popular being Kalmopyrin (acetylsalicylic acid), which is still used today.

Over 100 pharmaceuticals

In 1923, the company was restructured as the limited liability company with the name of Gedeon Richter Zakłady Chemiczne [Chemical Plant]. The success it achieved was owed to the expertise and commitment to ensure a high level of innovativeness. Besides being one of the first companies on the European market to have dealt with the production of insulin, Gedeon Richter was an active player in nearly a hundred pharmaceutical specialities as early as before the outbreak of the First World War.

International network

In the inter-war period, the company built 10 branches and 40 representative offices operating abroad, as well as employed agents on all five continents. Until the outbreak of the Second World War, Richter was one of the biggest exporters in Hungary.

Success full of vitamins

In 1950s, Gedeon Richter got actively involved in the production of original medications. The company started conducting research on polypeptides and developing production processes for various steroid derivatives. In 1948, the company was nationalised, and its name was changed to Kőbánya Pharmaceutical Company. Its greatest success was the production of vitamin B12. It was this very product that made it possible for the company to become an important player on the global pharmaceutical market again.

Good pharmaceuticals are limitless

In the 1960s, Gedeon Richter was a leading medicine supplier to the Soviet Union, and it also expanded its position on the domestic Hungarian market as well as in a group of the Eastern Bloc countries. Good medications knew neither politics nor borders.

Export above all

In 1970s, the company recorded another significant increase in the export to the West.   This made it possible for the company to extend the scope of its activities and take advantage of its long-term experience in pharmaceutical production through the development of a line of herbal products. The company’s great success was the use of the active substance Vinpocetine, in an original product improving blood flow in the brain. It was launched onto the market in 1977 and appeared to be a real phenomenon all over the world.

Return to the roots – Gedeon Richter

Medicines with Vinpocetine remained one of the most popular products of the company, which returned to its initial name – Gedeon Richter – in 1980.

New age, new challenge

The social, political and economic changed that swiped through Europe and the former Soviet countries in 1990 spared the company. However, it also suffered losses at that time. As a consequence, the company again concentrated primarily on the pharmaceutical products used in humans, gradually resigning from the production of pesticides, veterinary drugs and cosmetics.   In 1992, a new management board supervised by current CEO Erik Bogsch took over control of the Company, and the new strategy brought it back on its feet. Its unequalled expertise as well as excellent employees and managers helped the company to withstand the test of time, despite the heavy losses suffered due to the historical turmoil of the 20th century.

Strong position in Europe & beyond

Not only did Richter regain its position in Hungary, but it also became a leading pharmaceutical company in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, its significance also grew on such markets as the EU, Japan, China and the United States.


The decision to merge the existing companies under the joint brand of Gedeon Richter Polska was dictated by the company's increased competitive advantage on the Polish market, improved operational efficiency, but above all meeting the demanding requirements of the Polish market.

Managment board Gedeon Richter Polska

  • Tomasz Németh

    President of Managament Board, General Director

    President of Managament Board and General Director in Gedeon Richter Polska. An economist with the MBA degree at the University of Illinois.

    Tomasz Németh began his professional career in the banking sector. He joined the Gedeon Richter team in 2002. He took active part in the privatisation of GZF Polfa (Grodziskie Pharmaceuticals Factory "Polfa"), being responsible for numerous areas, such as controlling and financial supervision.

  • Ewa Bocheńska – Pawlak

    Member of the Board, Director of Sales and Marketing Gedeon Richter Sp. z o.o. Oddział w Warszawie.

    A graduate of the Medical Faculty at the Medical University of Łódź, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Łódź and the Chartered Institute of Marketing Program. She gained her professional experience at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Specialist Mother and Child Health Institute in Łódź and at such pharmaceutical companies as: Astra, AstraZeneca, and Polpharma.

    She joined the Gedeon Richter team in 2011.

  • Mariusz Mańkowski

    Member of the Board, Director of Production and Logistics

    A graduate of the Medical University in Warsaw where he studied technology in the Faculty of Pharmacy. He completed his post-graduate studies at the College of Management and Marketing in Warsaw.

    Mariusz Mańkowski has over 20 years of professional experience in international production and logistics. He joined Gedeon Richter Polska in December 2005.

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