Grodzisk Mazowiecki is the heart of Gedeon Richter production in Poland

Our production plants belong to one of the modernly equipped pharmaceutical companies in Poland. Produced pharmaceuticals are dedicated both to the national as well as international marktets.

Gedeon Richter invests in Poland

In our investments we focus on people, the environment and the highest world quality standards.

Considering the production needs of modern pharmaceutics, in 1998 Gedeon Richter Polska opened a new factory in Grodzisk Mazowiecki with a state-of-the-art production line, providing a great opportunity for further development. This facility has been fully designed to meet the stringent GMP requirements. The production facility in Grodzisk employs more than 400 highly qualified staff, and its activity perfectly fits in with the local panorama of corporate social responsibility.

Manufacturing drugs for over a century

Gedeon Richter was founded in 1901 and has over a century of experience in manufacturing drugs. The production plant in Grodzisk Mazowiecki has a similarly long tradition, having been founded in 1885 under the name Krell and Co. Chemical Plant (Fabryka Chemiczna Krell i Spółka). The factory in Grodzisk began to manufacture the first pharmaceutical products in 1906. After the Second World War the production plants in Grodzisk became part of the “Polfa” Pharmaceutical Company, adopting the name Polfa Grodzisk. The factory and laboratories in Grodzisk were some of the most active facilities of their type in Poland at the time, producing a wide range of domestic pharmaceuticals. In 2002 the companies have combined their experience – The Grodzisk plant has become part of Gedeon Richter, a global pharmaceutical company.

Gedeon Richter’s portfolio includes more than 200 types of drugs from all therapeutic areas, including those used in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular and gastroenterological diseases, as well as muscle relaxants and gynaecological products.

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